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Gosu (고수)is a Korean term refer mainly to gamers dominating worlds of Quake, StarCraft, Counter-Strike, Tekken.

Now we dominate technologies such as Microsoft's .NET Framework, Azure Cloud and Umbraco CMS.

We Are the Experts In:

Web Development | Cloud Computing | .NET Framework

Our seamless software and web development process solves the most cringing and agonizing problems of our clients and empower them to dominate their market. We are a team of black belt tech ninjas.

Featured technologies

We work with a range of different technologies including:

Umbraco CMS Website Development

Umbraco CMS

Using Umbraco CMS we deliver digital services that look, respond and feel delightfully.

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Microsoft Azure Architecture Solutions

Microsoft Azure

Delivering unique, secure and complex solutions that generate leads and grow every business.

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Microsoft Software Design

Microsoft .NET

Building reliable product software that amazes your customers and increases income.

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Developing conversion-oriented and easy-to-navigate sites and Mobile Apps for any devices.

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That’s What We Offer as the Pros:

  • Providing digital services that help you stand out and ascend to a higher level.
  • Developing intelligently-designed strategies to increase visibility and conversions.
  • Integrating innovative methods into traditional processes.
  • Giving your brand the voice it needs with breathtaking interface and design.
  • Unmatched browsing experience for your visitors using Umbraco CMS.