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To have an edge in the competitive market of today, it is necessary to choose the right e-commerce solution that is perfect for your business. So, how do you go about making the right choice? The best approach is to make a list of the mandatory and optional features you need so you can set your priorities right. After that, you can start researching for the right platform. We can give you valuable advice in this regard. Below is the list of three excellent Umbraco e-commerce platforms we recommend.

Criteria for choosing an e-commerce platform

Before we dive into the details of the e-commerce platforms, let us review some of the relevant criteria to consider when choosing an e-commerce platform. It's important to answer some common questions:

  • What products/services are you selling?
  • What is amount of growth are you anticipating?
  • What is amount of control do you want?
  • What is your budget?
  • How do you expect customers to pay?
  • Is it SEO-friendly?
  • How secure is your site?
  • How flexible do you want web design to be?
  • Does it allow customer product reviews?
  • What key plug-ins and integrations does it allow?
  • What marketing features does it offer?
  • How can it affect your site's speed?
  • Is there a free trial?
  • Does it support mobile devices?
  • What happens when you need support?

After answering these questions, your team will have a clear focus while researching for the right e-commerce platform. You may also put these questions directly to the vendors and e-commerce providers to get the answer directly from the horse’s mouth.


Ucommerce is a first-class trade platform offering amazing customizability and adaptability. It serves the necessities of SMEs directly through to substantial multinationals. With Ucommerce, you can exploit a more extensive scope of web-based business capacities while overseeing content through your favored CMS.

The key advantage of Ucommerce is that as your business develops, Ucommerce can scale with you. It can help in a wide scope of web-based business situations, by including such features as different stores, catalogs, languages, currencies, and shipments.

The administration backend of this platform has many user-friendly, and powerful functions for marketing and sales conversion. You can also integrate the platform with your ERP system through the uConnector application.

Ucommerce leverages its relationship with Umbraco and Sitecore to enhance the shopping experience of buyers. The storefront has splendid designs and captivating visuals of modern apps. Besides, it also creates avenues for store owners to customize the backend to align with their brand to improve the employee experience. When compared with other platforms, the out-of-the-box features of Ucommerce is not as compelling. However, future releases promise more functions out-of-the-box.

Considering the strength and weaknesses of this platform, it is excellent for users who are existing customers of Kentico, Sitecore, and Umbraco.

A recap of what you can do with the Ucommerce platform goes below:

  • Set various pricing schemes
  • Use multiple categories
  • Use related products to increase sales per customer
  • Manage your inventory
  • List products in multiple currencies
  • Use multiple languages
  • Set up multiple stores
  • Design your store with your business brand
  • Use promos and discount coupons
  • And many more.

Although there are many other excellent features on this platform, not all of them are available in the free version. You can compare the various version and available licenses in the Ucommerce feature comparison chart. If you are using Kentico, Sitecore, or Umbraco CMS, you can consider the Ucommerce platform a viable option for your e-commerce store.


The main thing to refer to is that Merchello is an open-source and network-driven product, where designers and developers can change their store nearly however they see fit.

Most customers don't need off-the-rack frameworks and will require custom adjustments and frameworks to accommodate their business. This is the reason Merchello is ideal for them and you.

Merchello's quality is its adaptability, and extensibility which implies nearly every little thing about it is customizable and enables you to give your customers what they need.

Different advantages incorporate clear and succinct detailing information with customization choices when customers need explicit data. At last, this is one of our most loved highlights: Merchello's self-depicted 'exceptionally incredible marketing segment'. You can offer clients discounts and deals, perfect for urging individuals to click 'purchase'. All things considered, that is what e-commerce is about, isn't that so?

Merchello looks and feels simply like Umbraco, which gives your customers and editors a recognizable domain to deal with their online store.

Also, in Merchello you are able to add stretched-out information to items utilizing similar archive types as Umbraco hubs which enable editors to have the same selected content and property editors that they would use in the content tree.

Some of the features you enjoy from this platform include:

  • Multiple catalogs
  • Support for multiple shipping service providers
  • Integration with multiple payment processors
  • Use of multiple currencies
  • Create invoice and process orders
  • Highly customizable
  • Integrates with the latest version of Umbraco
  • And many more.


Tea Commerce is an excellent choice for store owners and marketers looking for a user-friendly platform that provides extensive features for the management of an online store. With this program, store owners can easily list products, create categories, take orders and even launch marketing campaigns. It also supports the creation of multiple stores, the use of multiple languages and currencies, the branding of store visuals, and many more.

Store owners can tweak the application settings easily to create multiple stores with different admin backend. Perhaps the best part is the ability to integrate Tea Commerce with third-party business software and export orders to other applications. This platform has extensive marketing features such as creating discount codes, gift cards, and marketing campaigns.

A recap of the major features of this platform include:

  • Branding of store
  • Creation of multiple stores
  • Create unlimited categories.
  • List products, variants, and related products
  • Use multiple languages for your store
  • Integrate with multiple payment processors
  • Create policies basis countries, regions, and states of the visitor
  • And many more.

You can also view the complete list of features of the Tea Commerce platform

It is essential to note that the Tea Commerce platform is focused on the needs of e-commerce providers in Europe. However, with a few tweaking here and there, you can fine-tune the store for any region.

A Final Word

The three platforms above are the top e-commerce solutions for Umbraco. Pick the one that fits your needs and get your store up and running.