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6 Reasons You Should Be Using Cloud Computing In Your Business

As the company grows, the number of employees, transactions and infrastructure should be increased, as well as the costs of servers, software, and hardware. How to remain effective and flexible while reducing costs? Does it seem unrealistic? Not without one, small solution — Cloud computing


Best Umbraco CMS Plugins - Essential for Professional Websites

The Umbraco CMS is a robust Content Management System used to design websites and web-based application. This platform has a lot of powerful tools for designers and application developers as well. However, you can still enhance Umbraco with simple plugins for the Umbraco CMS. These Plugins which are called “Packages” in the Umbraco ecosphere can help extend the functions and features of your website easily. Below are 12 plugins that can help make your website awesome.


How To Create An Exclusive Premium Brand?

There are many distinguishing marks of luxury brands. Usually, we associate them with expensive products, the highest quality, rich history, and superior service. They are brands that just make the customer feels special. It is the feeling of exclusiveness, uniqueness, and being better than others that makes people love premium brands so much.


7 Signs That You Need A New Logo

MasterCard has just announced the big change. Change of their logo. The Nobel Prize has done the same a few weeks ago. As you see, even leading companies, recognizable around the world need some refreshment in their branding sometimes. Could it be a better sign that you probably will need it one day too? Unless you’re from Coca-Cola…


10 Ways To Create A Successful Brand Ritual

Brands rituals can bring many benefits. They help the brand to stand out from the competition, create something that is only their thing, give consumers joy and make certain habits associated only with that one specific name. Close your eyes and think about eating an Oreo. If you eat it like a normal cookie, you’re a weirdo (I’m kidding, of course). But if you really eat it like a normal cookie, imagine how the happy kids eat it on TV commercials. This is a whole big ceremony with that pulling apart of each cookie half, licking the icing, and dunking it into milk.


Umbraco Web Api and MVC Dependency Injection with Autofac

In this article, I am going to present a complete tutorial how easily setup Dependency Injection using Autofac container in Umbraco solution. Once configured, we should be able to use DI in both MVC and Web API controllers. In many cases our website should be able to integrate with other services – in some cases, we need to create REST endpoint to feed some data