Umbraco Web Api and MVC Dependency Injection

Looking for CMS (Content Management System) for the first time, most people come across WordPress – the most popular system for website building. WordPress is, of course, the most recognizable one. But the fact that it is so popular does not mean that it is so good. This only proves that... it is popular.

So what is the one REAL truth?

IT specialists perfectly know that's very hard to find a robust and flexible Content Management System. One of the best of the best is Umbraco CMS. Huge brands such as Microsoft, Sony, Vogue, Heinz, or Peugeot have their websites based on Umbraco, not WordPress. Shortly – WordPress can work well for small, simple websites or blogs. It was designed as a blog-creating platform. Only after buying premium plugins or developing them from the scratch, we have the necessary tools that a business website needs. (And still, they’re vulnerable to errors and attacks.) However, for companies that aim higher and want a more personalized option – Umbraco is the most effective CMS out there. Solutions based on Umbraco cms can be easily extended using plugins - Best Umbraco CMS Plugins - Essential for Professional Websites.

Thanks to Umbraco, those giants have received a lot of freedom in designing their websites and adding content, as well as in its personalization and segmentation. They have many highly advanced functions at their disposal as well as the ability to connect with different systems to make the information exchange easier.

To not speak idly, official statistics indicate that there are approximately 94, 000 active internet users from around the world that own various sites based on this CMS. Those relatively low numbers work here in its favor. This is an elite CMS that is used by business-oriented companies. Websites using Umbraco focus on very diverse types of activities. However, over a quarter of them are business websites. Umbraco “fixes” many problems that WordPress users are struggling with: low design flexibility, failures, frequent system updates, and high vulnerability to attacks.

So if you run a business fully based on your website – at least think about what you can gain by moving away from the stereotypical thinking of WordPress as the only ideal option! We will be happy to guide you through it.

How does Umbraco CMS work?

Umbraco CMS is an increasingly popular content management system. And at the same time – an Open Source tool built on the basis of Microsoft's ASP.NET platform. The basic functions of this CMS allow both page administrators and users to manage the site, save unpublished content, and have implemented page content version control.

The admin panel - called back office - is very intuitive. It is built from seven main sections. By using them, you can manage the website content and all the multimedia, page translations, settingsusers, and more. A more advanced content editor allows you to create and add new content in a very simple way. Moreover, it helps to prepare multilingual sites easily. Umbraco CMS can do much more than just design a website. It can also be used to create complex apps and manage them.

The latest version of the system, Umbraco 8 is the most advanced and the easiest to use Open–Source content management system. It is said to be the most user-friendly CMS – Umbraco’s facilities can be easily adapted to the needs even of those “less-tech” people. Tell us about your requirements and goals, so we can adjust the system to fit them perfectly. This user-friendliness means the end of getting frustrated at technology issues as well. With this solution, we can create the best page you want and improve your business.

Why should you start using Umbraco CMS as soon as possible?

You can get freedom and flexibility

Umbraco CMS is primarily a content management system and provides much more freedom not only in creating a website but also in its management. Let’s look at template management. In Umbraco, each of your editors can have the right to edit templates in any way. Umbraco is also incredibly flexible. It allows you to create translations on many different levels. There are hardly any limitations.

Umbraco 8 allows variants of the same content in one project, reducing the complexity of managing multilingual content, without needing development to get similar capabilities. Moreover, with the new Umbraco, you get a framework that doesn’t get in the way. That means no limits – whatever you imagine, it is perfectly scalable and makes it easy to add all the features you need to your website. Umbraco works great with all popular cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, or Umbraco Cloud - check why you should move your business to the cloud.  This makes Umbraco the perfect solution between not very flexible WordPress and fully authorial CMS. In GosuDev we can modify its possibilities freely – almost to the authorial CMS, written strictly for your company.

It’s simple to learn and simple to use

A huge advantage of Umbraco is the fact that it is easy to learn CMS. An average user will be able to get to how to handle it quickly. People who will only add new content don’t even have to attend long special courses to learn the basic functions of Umbraco. They can use MS Word to publish blog posts, schedule the content and set content to be approved before it is published. We also provide knowledge about the basis of Umbraco, so you can work with your website without issues as soon as possible.

What is more, service owners can easily oversee their websites and manage them even using mobile devices. All this is thanks to the fact that Umbraco CMS is multi-platform. From the one installation level, you can manage many websites or applications, even with no programming knowledge.

It has a strong community

Umbraco has an enormous community. It is estimated that it includes more than 220,000 programmers around the world.

What does it mean to you?

In the case of Open Source community tools, this fact has a big importance. With Umbraco, you receive not only the constant support of our team but also the additional support of all those programmers involved.

The more people deal with it every day, the more likely it is that they would quickly detect any gaps and bugs. Therefore, when a problem occurs, you will not be left without help.

We are active members of the Umbraco community. If there is some way to optimize it further – we will know about it.

There’s no better organized CMS

The whole content in CMS is organized in a tree-like structure. That gives it a specific hierarchy and makes it easy to find. Look at WordPress – it just gives you an area with all your pages and now you have to hunt for them for a long time. Who likes that, really?

What’s more, Umbraco is a great CMS for organizing and building multilingual websites. You don’t need to use any additional packages – you can create your own website in a very clear and quick way.

It gives you security and stability

There’s no denying – Umbraco is one of the most secure CMS that exists. It is not the target of hacker attacks that often. You do not have to worry about updates of its individual components. Updates are extremely rare (now we have the 8th version of the system – but how extensive). Key features are available out of the box. If you need something custom – we will code it and tailor it to best fit your needs. Umbraco works very stably – no matter how expanded the website is.

Moreover, if you have some problem with your site, it is not immediately unavailable for visitors. They can still use it, which does not cause downtime. We correct mistakes while the business keeps going – isn’t it wonderful?

It’s a search engine and mobile-friendly

Website SEO optimization is one of the key elements of website success. But it’s not just about building a search engine-friendly website. There are also: text parts, links, and user-friendliness that matter. The Umbraco coding we provide is fully optimized for your SEO-building activities. That is why Umbraco sites are mobile-friendly – the content can be rendered in mobile and remains the same no matter if you use a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

It gives us possibilities to help you better

Umbraco is no doubtfully friendly for programmers. It is based on the .NET programming language, which specialists appreciate more and more. Umbraco CMS also provides numerous certified training and courses for programmers (which, for example, popular WordPress does not offer). It allows us to constantly improve our skills and help to maintain our service for you better. In GosuDev we put emphasis on training our programmers to be able to meet any challenge of this CMS. That made us a team of experienced Umbraco Certified Masters.

It's made for business

Over time, any serious business needs external system integration - and here comes Umbraco CMS. It is often integrated with popular CRM systems, like Salesforce, Pipeline, SugarCRM, or Pipedrive. CRM software is what drives modern sales (but not only) companies. It gives you unique insight into your customers' needs and behaviors. Umbraco can also utilize an e-commerce module - we wrote about it in one of our previous articles "Best Umbraco E-Commerce solutions overview". Combine that with CRM of your choice and you have the best possible e-commerce platform you can get. Ever heard of that kind of solution? That’s actually good! Because it is so elite solutionchances of getting hacked are astronomically low. To put it into perspective – you will have an e-commerce platform that is as secure and efficient as Magento 2 Cloud that can cost even 190 000 dollars annually.

Change the CMS to Umbraco and take advantage of many benefits

These were just the basic advantages of using Umbraco CMS. Of course, you can only read about them. But what distinguishes those who dream of a better website from those who have it, is action. See how much you can achieve when you employ Umbraco CMS in your business. If you want a personalized offer for your company and someone who will guide you through the implementation process, or just need to learn more about the benefits, please check our Umbraco services and contact us. We will invite you for a free online consultation and take care of your business website.