Who we are

We are a small and experienced team of IT consultants from Poland - strongly focused on Microsoft’s technology stack and Umbraco CMS. We provide support, technical advice and development skills to agencies and direct clients. We’re focused on performance and design. We have proven experience in optimizing complex websites and external systems integrations.

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Why Umbraco CMS?

Despite many technologies on the market, it is not easy to choose a complete cms system. One of the best of the best out there is Umbraco CMS. Huge brands such as Microsoft, Sony, Vogue, Heinz or Peugeot have their websites based on Umbraco, not WordPress. Shortly – WordPress can work correctly for small, simple websites or blogs. It started as a blog-creating platform. Only after buying premium plugins or developing them from the scratch we have necessary tools that a business website needs. (And still, they’re vulnerable to errors and attacks.) However, for companies that aim higher and want a more personalized option – Umbraco is the most effective CMS we can offer you.

  • You can get freedom and flexibility
  • It's free and Open Source
  • It’s simple to learn and simple to use
  • It gives you security and stability based on Microsoft .NET Framework
  • It has a friendliest community and support
  • There’s no better organized CMS
  • It’s a search engine and mobile friendly

What we do

Umbraco CMS Business Consulting



One of the most challenging and important aspects of software development is the initial planning of the architecture for an application. If you're wondering if Umbraco CMS is the right foundation for the solution, or how to best organize the various components of your Umbraco CMS - based project, then let's get in touch! We invite you for a free online consultation - where we will know the requirements and processes to help and understand your business.

We have been creating demanding and complicated solutions for years and our team consists of experienced Umbraco Certified Masters. We will help you increase your online income by optimizing costs and more conversion.

Umbraco CMS Code Review



After helping to develop a number of sites for both commercial and private use, we know what's required to write high-quality Umbraco CMS code. Code review is a critical component of ensuring your site is secure and efficient. Poorly written code affects slow website loading – this is an inconvenience for your customers, requires more hardware resources and alerts Google that your website is less usable – which affects your Google ranking.

If you're interested in a code audit, then please contact us.

Umbraco CMS Web Development


Our Umbraco CMS experts are building robust, flexible and high-quality solutions on top of Umbraco CMS. We can design an outstanding interface that will delight your customers – check our branding services. Our offer includes both enterprise portals, landing pages, e-commerce stores, mobile solutions and many more – just let us know.

You can hire our team for a one-time review and you can ensure your ongoing project safety by requesting a code review retainer from our Umbraco developers and consultants.

Umbraco CMS Custom plugin development


We provide you to best solutions and assured with customized plugins developed to meet your requirements. We follow your vision dynamically from the idea to plugin implementation. We are backed by the right set of advanced skills, technology, experience, and technical knowledge to deliver the best solutions with great performance. We can cover:

  • Umbraco CMS Plugin customization and integration
  • Umbraco CMS Plugin development/installation
  • Umbraco CMS Plugin modifications, upgrade, and enhancement

Umbraco CMS Rescue Missions and Health Checks



Websites based on Umbraco cms can be complicated solutions despite appearances. We will be happy to check the condition of your website or bring it back to life.

A website health check will give you a report about things that need doing on your site and an overall percentage score for your site in regard to a number of different factors. We will make sure that it meets the latest standards and does not affect bad search engine rankings and user experience.

Read more about our Umbraco CMS health check service.

Umbraco CMS Support and Hosting



We also offer scalable and fast Umbraco CMS hosting that would keep your website safe and fast – you can focus on your business without bothering about the technical stack. We will be more than happy to help you maintain and develop your software along with the development of your business.

How we work

Client meeting / discovery

What do you need?

First and most important step is the meeting. It’s main goal is to know what you want from the website that we will create. Things like target audience, goals, purpose of website and the type of dominant content will be the main focus of this meeting. Thanks to fruitful conversation – we’ll be able to create optimal web design.

Workshop – planning

How we see it?

After gathering information on the first meeting, we will use it to analyze your competition. This will result in presenting you the best and/or most popular solutions on the market. In other words: main purpose of second meeting is to find out best features to implement on your website.

Initial design and prototyping

Are we on the same page?

Thanks to two previous meetings – we are able to create first wireframe and sitemap. Wireframe is simplified version of graphic design. Sitemap shows us relations between individual pages of your site. If there is a need – we can create more than one such design. Our feedback will also provide suggestions about solutions that we are going to use in this project.

Design & graphics

Do you like what you see?

Right after accepting initial design – we are moving to front end development. Prototype based on wireframe and sitemap is created on our server. It’s filled with materials you’ve provided us with or proper placeholders. We are with constant contact with you – until visual aspect of your site is satisfactory.


Let’s do the magic.

After completing visual design – our Certified Umbraco Masters begin their work. CMS is deployed on server, it’s tailored to fit the graphic design and your needs. During this phase we are integrating tools that you are going to use and create any custom solution that you wanted to implement. Also at this point we can create scalable infrastructure for your website.

Tests and delivery

It’s alive!

After dealing with front end and back end – site will be thoroughly tested. First tests are carried out by our team. Things like loading times, security and SEO are our first priority. Next, we are going to ask you to provide us with trusted members of your team to give us feedback – mostly about UX. After your final acceptation – site is migrated to your server and domain.

Training, updates and maintenance

If you are not moving forward, you are moving backward.

This wisdom applies to any website. Even the best solution needs to be constantly updated, maintained and modified to fit everchanging market reality. GosuDev’s team can provide you with passionate support team that will develop your site beyond it’s initial design.

Anything else?

Our goal is 100% remote work. It helps us finish our projects much faster. We are not only creating sites from the scratch – we can migrate existing sites to Umbraco. From popular CMS systems to custom ones – we can make it better and more reliable thanks to Umbraco.