We are a small team of experienced IT consultants from Poland - strongly focused on Microsoft’s technology stack and Umbraco CMS. We provide support, technical advice and development skills to agencies and direct clients. We combine full-time contract jobs with freelance. We’re focused on performance and design. We have proven experience in optimizing complex websites and external systems integrations. We love clean code and we can prepare effective architecture.


We will work in the background to help you speed up, maintain, and secure your client's websites and make you look like a boss. We are always focused on performance and the best quality.

GosuDev Digital is offering a simple and effective white-label solution. If you have clients who need ongoing Umbraco CMS website changes, fixes, speed and security improvements or any kind of regular maintenance, let us be your background partner and make you look great :).

Frequently asked questions

Our team consists only of experienced engineers with proven experience (at least 12 years) in .NET based Enterprise solutions.
We have a Masters's degree in Computer Science and deep software and hardware knowledge.
Our knowledge is supported by certificates, including the Umbraco Master title.

Yes – we have no problem working under a NDA.

We use Git for version control, Microsoft Azure Cloud, Azure DevOps, Jira & Confluence mostly. We can adapt to your requirements.

Of course – we can take care of as much or as little of the deployment process as required. We have a lot of experience deploying websites on various platforms.

It depends. With detailed specification document and/or wireframes/prototypes in place, we are able to provide a fixed price quote. We must charge by the hour to avoid the project running away with itself if the project scope is not properly defined. Our standard hourly rate is £50.

We prefer long-term cooperation to provide the best services and focus on the client, but we can adapt to the needs

Featured Umbraco CMS services

  • Rescue Missions and Health check
  • Resolving complex technical issues
  • Code review to ensure best code quality
  • Database / Server maintenence
  • Resource Analysis / Cost optimization
  • CI / CD Setup for delivery quality
  • Complex Architecture Design
  • External system Integration
  • Emergency Care support if you break something
  • Setting up new features on your site
  • Umbraco CMS core updates and plugin updates
  • Umbraco CMS custom plugins development
  • SEO on-page set up, suggestions and ongoing support
  • Umbraco CMS Optimisations so your site runs ultra fast
  • Umbraco CMS Fixes like broken pages, redirections, new pages, typos and everything in between
  • Umbraco CMS website updates and changes to images, content and content placement
  • Structural changes like main menus, navigation and forms
  • Page formatting issues / template issues
  • Plugin Research to help you achieve your desired result
  • Screen Size and Responsive issues for better UX