Who Is This Service For?

Our Umbraco CMS Website Audit Service is primarily for companies and agencies having a website built using Umbraco and understand that it is a valuable asset to their business.

We know from experience that over time, the Umbraco solution can grow and cause some technical problems.

Websites based on Umbraco cms can be complicated solutions despite appearances.

Using our services - you will get technical advice from real experts with proven experience.

What you will get

After the audit is complete, we will send you a full Umbraco Audit report in PDF format.

The report will give you a complete breakdown of everything we've checked for, our findings, and any technical recommendations that we advise.

If we find any serious issues we will inform you immediately and advise the best course of action.

We aim to complete the audit and send the report within 72 hours of receiving the necessary access details.

Our cooperation may end at this point, but if you need additional help with the implementation - we are at your service.

What is the scope of the audit

There are many areas to check (Over 80+ actionable and proven tips to boost Umbraco's performance) and our Umbraco audit will cover:

  • Frontend code review
  • Backend code review
  • Memory leaks, CPU / IO / Memory investigation
  • Database check & Maintenence
  • Third-party integrations
  • Content review
  • Infrastructure review
  • .NET / MVC / Umbraco general best practices
  • Images optimization
  • Examine indexes condition check

What should you provide

If you choose the kickstart package, we need the latest source code and the database (from the Live environment).

In some cases, we also need the media files.

If you don't want to give us full access, no worries, you can just send us password-protected files via a secure channel.

After completing the work, we will delete all files/credentials.

Once we get the files, we will run the solution locally and we'll get to work.

Usually, a basic analysis identifies many improvements.

In some cases, we need to conduct a very careful analysis (Full package) and we will have to check your infrastructure - to diagnose complex/low-level problems.

Then we need full access to the environment.

How long does it take?

Depending on the scope, we offer two Health Check packages (Kickstart and Full).

The basic health check takes usually up to 3 days.

The Full package requires very precise and expert analysis.

It takes more time - its duration depends on the characteristics and complexity of the solution.

A full Umbraco audit will certainly detect all problems and we perform it with the highest accuracy.

If you're not sure - no worries, we can start slow. Just drop us a line.

Frequently asked questions

Our team consists only of experienced engineers with proven experience (at least 12 years) in .NET based Enterprise solutions.
We have a Masters's degree in Computer Science and deep software and hardware knowledge.
Our knowledge is supported by certificates, including the Umbraco Master title.

Yes – we have no problem working under a NDA.