What is Umbraco CMS?

To put it simply – it is a free open-source Content Management System that allows for scalable web solutions able to connect to virtually any third-party tool in a secure manner. Using Umbraco CMS - you can build a world-class website or professional blog and extend them freely in the future. Same as popular WordPress – it allows for easy creation of posts or pages, but also provides you with many powerful features and packages

Contrary to most popular CMS solutions that are using PHP – Umbraco is based on C# and Microsoft’s .NET technology. Thanks to that – it is far more secure and more friendly toward business and corporate clients.

What’s important - Umbraco is an award-winning CMS. Here are only a few examples:

- CMS Critics’ Awards: Best Enterprise CMS
- The Visual Studio Magazine 2020 Reader’s Choice Award: Gold, Content Management System
- DIGITALEUROPE: Future Unicorn Award

Umbraco's history and its consequences

The first version was developed by Danish programmer Niels Hartvig and thus – it immediately gained a foothold in Scandinavia – where it is popular to this day. After testing a few versions – Niels decided to went Open Source with Umbraco. It resulted in a community of 220 000 Umbraco Developers around the world. This community often cooperates with Umbraco HQ that is responsible for supporting and creating new versions and releases of this CMS. Other than that – Umbraco Corporation also provides professional training. After completing the courses and exams, a developer can achieve one of three ranks: Umbraco Professional, Umbraco Expert, and of course – Umbraco Master.

What kinds of websites can Umbraco make?

As mentioned before – Umbraco is a very flexible solution. Hence – one can create virtually any type of website with this particular CMS. From a simple landing page to a big, corporate portal connected with intranet and third-party tools. That being said – we need to remember that Umbraco is best suited for business solutions. There is not much point in using it to create a landing page for a single flower shop. But if you are owning a vast network of florist shops and say – want each local shop to have a list of available flowers and goods on its website – Umbraco will help you. Thanks to the amazing possibilities of integrating third-party tools – it is a perfect fit for your CRM or ERP software for easier management and sales.

How secure Umbraco is?

No IT system is 100% secure – that’s for sure. There are two key factors that determine the security of a given IT solution. The first one is how it’s written and supported – the other one is how it’s popular. WordPress is a prime example here. Starting a simple website is easy, but then it’s a different story. It is vulnerable to attacks due to its popularity. Since it is the most popular consumer CMS ecosystem – finding a vulnerability will give the hacker access to a great many websites. It is also based on the popular PHP language – which is known for many exploits and vulnerabilities

Umbraco, on the other hand, is not nearly as popular as WordPress – and it never wanted to be. It is supported not only by dedicated enthusiasts – but also by a professional and well-payed team of Umbraco Corporation specialists. WordPress is based on PHP which as mentioned – makes it vulnerable to attacks. Instead, Umbraco is based on Microsoft’s ASP.NET which is far more secure.

Why should you use Umbraco?

  • It is fast – programmed by experienced developers – Umbraco Websites often boast top scores in terms of web speed.
  • It is scalable – as your company grows – your IT grows with it. Umbraco can easily adapt to growing demands and provide you and your clients with a smooth experience.
  • It is secure – technologies used in the development of Umbraco CMS and its overall philosophy gives you the best protection money can buy. With an experienced team, the Umbraco CMS solution will meet the OWASP security requirements!
  • It is customizable - as an enterprise-focused solution - it has to be flexible. Not only you can customize its functions - but you can integrate it with almost any other software that your company is using.
  • It is intuitive – being one of the most advanced CMS systems in the market – its core functionalities can be easily used by non-technical personnel. No HTML or CSS skills are required.

How do I get started using Umbraco?

The simplest way is to contact us. In the meantime – you can take a look at our other articles on Umbraco CMS to get some more information on the full potential of this amazing CMS. We will contact you as soon as possible and provide you with an answer that you may need.